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Judy Carroll, RDH Judy Carroll, RDH, speaker, writer, clinical instructor and Founder of PerioPeak Innovations, is an ardent advocate of dental endoscope technology and minimally invasive periodontal treatment. She attracts patients from all over the world for her pioneering treatment method Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE. Judy’s protocol in non-invasive regenerative periodontal therapy has been presented to professionals worldwide as is considered to be a revolutionary stride for the dental profession. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, expertise, and experience with others through lectures, hands-on courses, professional publications and forums. Judy has an open-door policy at her clinic and routinely allows visiting clinicians to learn through observation.

Ms. Carroll attended Shoreline College School of Dental Hygiene’s four year degree program and graduated with honors in 1990. Her professional memberships include the AADH, ADHA, WSDHA, IADH, the Alliance for Dental Hygiene Practitioners and the National Dental Practice Based Research Network. Ms. Carroll has earned several post graduate certificates in periodontal endoscopy, laser periodontal therapy, neuromuscular dentistry, digital dentistry, and oral-systemic education. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including periodontal and full-mouth rehabilitation specialty practices.
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